Monday, January 14, 2008

You can call me Juliet
At least you might as well
The archetype: forbidden love
Believe me, it’s close to hell

I adore my sweet Romeo
And I know that he loves me
Yet all the others have their doubts
No one will let us be

Why can’t they see our smiles
The glint of happiness shines in our eyes
Exasperation is mounting, however
A loving death would not surprise

You can call me Juliet
And he my Romeo
Two star-crossed lovers
Fighting to stay as so

As I close my short, yet sweet lament
I hope you’ll understand
Forbidden it may truly be
But true love cannot be planned
I wrote this specifically for a contest at my school, it received third place, unfortunately that merits no prize. But I really had an emotional attachment to this poem, unlike my others it actually uses a rhyme scheme the whole way. See what you like about it and comment please, I love comments.
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~


Tim Parenti said...

Please don't die, however lovingly!!! We'd miss you so!

Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job! But agree with Tim that your death would not be sweet sorrow.