Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peer Pressure
You’re lost in this world that’s all a mystery
Pressure from all around confusing you,
Confusing me
You don’t know anymore
It’s like listening to a song
Over and over when all the song says
Is you’re worthless unless you give in to drugs and to sex
“Everyone does why won’t you be the same”
Its drilled into your head
Now it’s more than a game
Afraid to leave the house
Hanging out with all the wrong friends
The friends that aren’t friends at all
Because they couldn’t care less
They just want you drunk or drugged up
So you’ll do things that you will regret
When you’re wide-awake and that song that they played
Seems senseless and lame
‘Till you say no and just walk away
From the drugs and the sex and the pressure that came
‘Cause in the end
When you just walk away
You won’t regret what you did that day
Because you’ll walk away knowing
That you won’t be bothered again
Because those “friends” will know
You don’t want to get in over your head
Because unlike some of them you know where the consequences could lead
So just walk away don’t give in and don’t stay
Don’t be afraid once is all it takes
Just say no.
I wrote this a while ago, but I thought I would share it now.
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~