Monday, January 29, 2007

One More Soul
Just one more soul for Jesus
Just one more life to save
Just one more look of joy upon another persons face
Just one more person to realize
That he is the only way
Just one more soul for our savior Christ
And the Battles underway
Just one more child to look at me with tears of joy in their eyes
Realizing that Jesus is now in their heart,
He is now in their life
Just one more life for Jesus, let me help before I die
And when I get that one more life, should I still be alive
I can say it again
Just one more life for my Savior
Jesus Christ
I've posted this on my other blog before but I have made some minor changes. This may not be the most poetical poem haha. But it is one that is close to my heart.
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Silently the rose fell to the pond
Submerged in the water for but a moment
Then breaking the surface
Acquiescing to the pull of the tides
Following mindlessly,
Dancing across the water to the song of masquerade
The bright red petals of the rose fade
Every moment in the sultry water
Transforming the rose to be unexceptional
Still submitting to the tides the flower snags on a rock
There it stays, water pounding
Breaking apart what was once good
Leaving the beautiful rose dead,
No different from the common weed
I never felt the need to use any literary devices in my poetry. It was always straight forward what you see is what you get. That is not true with this poem. The whole poem is either an extended metaphor or an allegory depending on which you like better haha. My challenge to you is can you see my intended meaning?
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last Time
Every time I say your name I cry another tear
Every time I see your face I wish I’d disappear
Every time I hear your voice I shiver with fright
Because you’re the one that will be there when I come home tonight
Cause you said you’d be there by my side you said you’d changed your ways
So I came back and I believed
But your thoughts of being nice must’ve strayed
Cause now I come home and get whipped to the floor and you may think its fun
But that’s not what I want to die for, not me I’m not the one
Maybe for integrity, courage, strength, or peace
But not for the pleasure that you get when you’re hitting me
So I’m leaving you and you can’t do a thing cause I’m not listening to you this time
My friends have warned me and now I’m listening to them
My last word to you,
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You Were Loved
I was scared when you didn’t call me
I was afraid when you were not there
I was worried when no one had seen you
Though no one else seemed to care
I had dreams that weren’t too pleasant
Dreams that left you dead
I know all dreams do not come true.
But I was afraid that this one did
I called your house you were not home
You’re cell was not turned on
I heard you weren’t in school the next day
I wondered what was wrong
I came to find you I looked around
Your house, your school, your work

No place could I find you
I was worried to the core
I took a walk to calm myself
And fate took hold once more
As I took a walk throughout the trees
I saw you finally

Finally I see you yet tears still fill my eyes
I drop down onto the ground
And yank the knife out of your side
That was where it happened
In the woods
In the dark
You’re murder, or was it suicide stretched deep into my heart
It scratched it up and tore it out and blew its pieces apart
Your life was gone
My heart was too
I sit there terrified
Your last thoughts stay unknown to me
As I look upon your closed eyes
I know not why it happened so
But something took your life

Maybe if I’d told you how much that I love you
Then maybe you’d be here right now to do the things you do
But as it is your life is gone
And through my sorrow I can say:
If you love someone tell them now
Before they fall away
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~