Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just looking at me you wouldn’t know
And I'm not about to explain
Lets just say I took a wrong turn
And fell in love the other day
It didn’t hurt
Though I almost cried
Tears of joy brimmed my eyes
I looked his way
He glanced at me
We stared into each other’s eyes
I knew right away that it was love at first sight
Though it didn’t register on his side

It would take two years for him to see
What I knew all along
We were always meant to be together
Our love forever strong
Anyone guess whom this was about? Or should I say whom it is about.
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have decided to post this chapter even though it is rather short, although all of my chapters are short, I was goign to write more but then I decided I would post this so that everyone will have somethign to read while I continue writing. Anyways, you probably do not care about that, here is the longawaited Chapter Ten:
Chapter Ten
Kaleigh never felt particularly skilled in art. She appreciated the work that others did, and she could picture what beautiful creations she would like to make. Nonetheless, when she tried to produce the masterpiece that she envisioned it would become distorted and not at all like her original idea.

Kaleigh walked into class hopeful that she would gain from the professor’s knowledge and perhaps create something to be proud of; this was a hope in vain. When Kaleigh approached her teacher she was informed that there would be no direction in the class. The students were to create whatever popped into their head; the teacher provided the tools necessary to create, nothing more, and nothing less. Kaleigh slumped down in an empty seat and sighed as her eyes scanned the room. There were shelves lining the walls, each one full of supplies. Tables were arranged haphazardly around the room, and famous works of art occupied every inch of the walls that were not already covered by shelves.

Kaleigh sauntered over to one of the many shelves and perused the contents. Feeling that her time could probably be better spent, but not wishing to be disobedient Kaleigh picked up a box labeled ‘Thread’. Kaleigh brought the box back to her table and opened it curiously. Inside the boxes there were many spools of thread. There were some deep jewel tone colors, and some light vibrant colors; but they were all beautiful.

Suddenly Kaleigh had an idea. The vision of her mother filled her head. One time when Kaleigh had been very sick Alexa came home from work early and she brought 5 roses with her. Each rose was a different color; they were white, yellow, pink, peach, and red. Roses had always been both of their favorites and Kaleigh knew that each flower had a different meaning. Alexa gave Kaleigh a card that told the meaning of each color. She had long since memorized the card:

Rose Significance
White: Innocence
Yellow: Joy, Friendship
Pink: Sweetness, Happiness
Peach: Appreciation
Red: Love, Beauty, and Enchantment

Inspiration at hand Kaleigh set off on her project. She walked swiftly to the shelf that she had found the thread and she searched the shelves. Finding the box that she wanted she pulled it off the shelf and opened it. Inside the box Kaleigh found several bolts of white fabric. Kaleigh took some of the fabric to her table and then stared at it. At that moment Kaleigh’s inept artistic abilities came back to her and she realized the near impossible task that she had set herself up for. Kaleigh sighed audibly and slumped back down in her chair. At that moment the teacher came out and told everyone to clean up what they had been working on and to head to Lunch. Kaleigh scooped up the fabric and the colored threads and brought them to a cubby that had been assigned to her; she stored the items neatly and ambled towards the cafeteria.
I may add on to this chapter later, in which case I will mark it as Chapter Ten part Two. In any case what do you think?
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Saturday, December 16, 2006

For the Love of the World

Glitter, Sparkle, Shine
Stars in the milky late night sky
Here right now there back then
Staying for the future, the suns little friends
High in the sky, far out of reach
Yet here in my room I feel like I can touch them as I dream
Dreaming of those places real and fantasy
All of those places that I’d like to be
All of those places, in all of those skies
All of those skies have stars like mine
Now think about this
Each star equals one tiny drop of love
Put all the love together mix it all up
Those little balls of light really add up
The beautiful white far away stars equating the love of the world
Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Wouldn’t it make you smile to think,
That if we each loved enough we could turn all those stars to be
One big beautiful thing
For the love of the World


So what do you think?

~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Emptiness filling me
I can’t see anything clearly
Hazy clouds cover my heart
My candles’ flame flickers in the dark

Long awkward silence
Resonating in my head
Not a voice to be heard
Only the misery of my heart
Beating slowly
Way too slowly
Like the clock up on the wall
Ticking time away
Useless seconds adding to minutes
To hours to days

Life flashing by
Quickly when it’s gone
Slowly as it arrives

Reality casting a shadow on my fantasy
Darkening the corners of what life could be
Hiding the faint hope of something better to be
Leaving only but traceless trails
To where the happiness is that inhabited me

Now gone forever
Lost in the unknown abyss
Full of my happiness
Leaving me with nothing but the empty beating
Of my self-broken heart
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Walking down the alley row
Small weak afraid to fall
Nice and kind to any and to all
What you did to deserve this
No one can say
But as you walk past their way
Their arrows are pointed
Their guns are out
Harsh words coming from all of their mouths
You hanging your head afraid not to be liked
Want to curl in a ball and give up the strife
Trying to stay protected
To stay good and free,
But you've lost your way
There is no place to run to no place to hide
Looking to the left
And looking to the right
For a friend to lean on
To help you to fight
You look around one last time
And do a double take
There is someone looking at you
With a smile on their face
Cautiously you go closer
You’re in a run by the end
They have opened the door
You have found a friend.

~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chapter 9 Revised

To understand why I am posting a revised copy of Chapter 9 before any other Chapter of this story on this site you may wish to visit Through the Eyes of a Dreamer (my other blog) to read the other chapters. If you have not read any of this story yet I recommend it lol. I will be writing new chapters as often as I have the time. Here are the links to the chapters that I have already completed, the only link that I will not list is that of the original Chapter 9. Simply because it is not important to read the original version when you can read the revised one.
Prologue, Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

Now here is the revised Chapter 9:

Kaleigh walked through the open door into Mr. K’s classroom. This room was different compared to a normal classroom in the way that, there were no desks. In the front of the class there was a piano, and then where desks would have been there were risers with rows of chairs on them. Each seat had a folder on it. Kaleigh glanced around the room, searching for Mr. K. After a quick scan she saw that he wasn’t there, but then she spotted a door on the side of the room, peering in she saw that it was Mr. K’s office, and he was inside, sitting at the desk. Kaleigh knocked politely on the door, and Mr. K looked up, smiled, and beckoned for her to come into office.
When Kaleigh was inside the office Mr. K gave her a warm smile, “Hey Kaleigh, you’re probably wondering where you are supposed to sit aren’t you!” Kaleigh smiled back at him.
“Yes sir, I was a bit curious about that.”
“Well, you will have to be curious for a few moments longer, first I need to tell you about what we will be doing in this class for the next few months.” He paused, Kaleigh assumed he was building up her anticipation, “For the last few months everyone has been learning how to use recorders, but now we will begin learning how to sing.” He paused momentarily, and then began again, “Yesterday I tested everyone’s voices to see how many notes they could sing, and whether they could sing better higher or lower. Now, I know you just got here yesterday, but would you feel comfortable singing a song for me, any song you want, you can pick one of your favorites, or if you can’t think of any songs the Star Spangled Banner is a popular option.” Kaleigh thought quickly, her mother had taught her so many songs, but which one, which one would be the best. Her mind was racing, she envisioned lyrics sheets, and records, and then a memory popped up that made Kaleigh sure of what song to sing.
Kaleigh’s mind was set on the image of Alexa, a few days before the crash, they were walking through Central Park and Alexa said “I heard this song,” she paused, “It was a beautiful song, not a cheerful song, but beautiful I think it’s my favorite, I don’t know who wrote it, or where I heard it, but I woke up and it was in my head.” Alexa started singing the song; it was an unusual song, there were words, but they were not English or any other language Kaleigh had heard. Though she could not understand the words they had been strung together in a melody that was haunting, magical even, and Kaleigh agreed with her mother, it was beautiful. Kaleigh heard her mother humming the song a lot up until the crash; the memory of it was vivid in her mind. They never found out who wrote the song.
Kaleigh closed her eyes, took a breath, then opening her eyes she began singing her song, each note she uttered was clear and concise, Mr. K watched her as if in a trance as she went through the song, some parts loud and harsh, others soft and caressing, without words that could be understood this song told an enchanting story. Kaleigh sang the last note letting it fade to silence.
Mr. K cleared his throat and sat up, “Very good Kaleigh!” he said enthusiastically, “I’ve never heard that song before, where is it from, and do you happen to know what language that was?”
Kaleigh wasn’t sure how to respond, “Well sir, my mother sang it to me, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard it before, and I’m not sure which language it is.”
“Ah, well, it was wonderful, perhaps I can find the writer of the song” he seemed to be speaking to himself more than to Kaleigh so she stood patiently watching him. “Well, Kaleigh,” he said suddenly as if he had just remembered that she was standing there, “The class is divided into three groups, Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, and Alto; I think you will do well as a Mezzo Soprano.” Mr. K reflected for a moment and then spoke thoughtfully, “Mezzo Soprano is such a long word to say so often, I’ll probably just call it the middle part, and soprano the high part, and Alto the low part.”
“Umm, alright sir.” Kaleigh said, not sure whether to laugh or not. It seemed to be often that Mr. K would speak to nobody in particular, but not in a way that would suggest lunacy, just a habit of thinking aloud.
“Alright” Mr. K said enthusiastically, “Time to begin,” They exited his office and went into the classroom, everyone was seated now, Mr. K pointed to a seat in the back row the first seat on the left. Kaleigh thought this was a curious arrangement, as it meant that the middle section was first, then the high section, and then the low section. It seemed a bit out of order, but perhaps Mr. K had his reasons, she decided not to question them.
“Okay! Everybody stand up!” Mr. K stood in front of the class, “Before we begin singing we have to stretch first, to get your muscles warmed up, and the air moving.” Mr. K led the class through a routine of physical and vocal warm-ups. The vocal warm-ups were fun because they involved singing lots of very silly things extremely quickly in extraordinarily high or low voices. Kaleigh decided that this was a very enjoyable class, it was almost a stress reliever, it was something natural that didn’t involve any anxiety or difficult thinking. After warm-ups they looked through their folders at the songs that they would be learning, the bell startled Kaleigh when it rang, the class had gone by quickly, ‘if only all my classes could feel that fast’ Kaleigh thought to herself as she headed to her art class.

~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~
Staring at the open door
Wonder what I’m waiting for
Can’t make up my mind
I haven’t had the time

Not sure where I am
Or where I’m going to be
Not sure who I really am
Or who really knows me

Walking down the stairs
Glancing at the mirror
Wondering why it wasn’t my face
That appeared

Talking merrily to my friends
As if nothings wrong
Then kicking myself for not telling
For not showing them this song

I know there’s something wrong
I just can’t figure it out
What is my life missing?
What am I without?

Sitting in my bedroom
Staring at the wall
Solid white and boring,
Not my style at all

Then looking over at the phone
I’m filled with slight surprise
It rings once
Then again

A total of three times
Watching it I do not move
Who could it possibly be?
Certainly not someone
Who would want to talk to me?

Then silence
Several minutes’ tick by
Stillness broken by the phone
Ringing again
Slowly walking over slight interest in my mind

“Hello” I say slowly, pausing for a time

“Hello” I say again
This time a reply--
An answer, three words
“I love you”

Who is this I said
Scared and confused
Swiftly the caller replied
It’s me. Do not be afraid
I called to say I love you
To relieve the pain in your heart
I think you almost forgot
I’ll be here when everyone else is not

You are always in my heart
You are always on my mind
Whenever it is that you need me
I’ll always have the time

That was all the speaker said
That was all I needed to hear
With a faint smile on my face
I walked out of the room
And whispered
Thank you

How could I forget?
And yet you’re right it’s true
I needed a prompt reminder
But now and Always
I love you too
Can you guess whom this poem speaks of? It isn't too difficult to tell. But you must look deeper than my obvious callers.
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~