Friday, August 24, 2007

Spoiled Brat
As I have grown
I’d like to think
That I’ve outgrown the brat
I’d like to think.

When I was young
I was a spoiled brat
I may still be spoiled
But am I still a spoiled brat?

I’d like to think
That I’ve outgrown the brat
I’d like to think
I’m better now.

I try so hard
But my past still haunts
There is no denying.
My past still haunts.

I was a spoiled brat
Way back when I was young
But as I’ve grown
Have I changed?

I have changed.
That is one certain thing.
I have changed.
Changed from being a brat.

I pray to God
No one thinks I’m a brat
I’d like to think
I’ve been forgiven.

I’d like to think
It has been forgiven.
I’d like to think
It has been forgotten.

Please forgive
The child in me
That was a brat
A spoiled brat
I meant no harm
I’d like to think you’d know
I’d like to think I wouldn’t need to say
I’d like for you to think better of me

I’d like to say I’m sorry
I may be spoiled
But I would not like to be
A spoiled brat.
I wrote this when I was feeling terrible. I was filled with remorse. The thought came to me suddenly that I am still rather spoiled. I won't be in debt forever paying for my college. That makes me spoiled. I recalled when I was little I was a bit of a brat. I say that in the most kind way I can. I wrote this poem only a few moments before I posted it. This is not edited at all. It is written precisely as it came to me. I feel so blah right now.
~To the world she is ordinary in truth she is extraordinary~


Tim said...

LOL. I didn't think you'd actually write a poem about this!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

:( you may be spoiled and lucky and everything, but i still love you lots.

wmduuuuo....why all the u's? haha.

Beverly Cwalina said...

I have never thought you were spoiled or a brat. And you know I would tell you if I did. Love you!

Aunt Beverly

Barbara said...

I never have considered you a spoiled brat, or any kind of brat for that matter. I think you are typically a very kind and giving person, although at times... I guess we all have our selfish moments. I think its called sin.
Love ya!!